Me: What would you do if it rained every day that you were on *holiday?

Amber: If I can’t change the weather, I can change my mood.


In my latest YouTube video, I shared with you all that I am taking a sabbatical from social media – with the exception of YouTube and my blog – so that I can focus on the purpose(s) and reason(s) that God has me here in Hangzhou, China.  Emotionally, I had been dealing with issues of rejection that proved to be much deeper than I comprehended.

When my student from today’s private lesson answered this question, my spiritual baby leaped!  I may not be able to control some of the weather conditions in my life – people, places and things, but I can most definitely control my mood.

What you allow to control your emotions must be submitted to God and released so you can walk in divine health, wealth, relationships, prosperity, peace, love, joy, wisdom and so much more. 

I believe we all can take heart to Amber’s simple, yet revelatory response and remember that if we can’t change the weather, we can change our moods.



*holiday = vacation

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