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One Month Chinaversary

*sings* "DOOOO YOU KNOOOOOW WHAT TUH-DAAAAY ISSSS?!?" 🎆🎊🎉IT'S MY 🇨🇳 CHINAVERSARY!!!! 🎉🎊🎆 YEP. You read it right - #Chinaversary (Anniversary in China). It's been exactly one month since I've stepped foot on Chinese soil and began a new journey in life. If you read my other article about how the next year of my life will be spent, good! You're all caught up. If not, don't worry; you can read
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Strategic Thinking and Organizational Alignment: An Extensive Analysis of the Walmart Corporation

Describe The Firm And The Industries In Which It Competes  This project is an analysis that examines Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. as it pertains to what kind of organization it is, what the primary functions are, what the organization goals and objectives are, along with a look at the financial reports as well.  In this project, the top 3 competitors will also be examined and compared to the organization and its
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The Evolving Role of the Futurist Within An Organization

The history of futurists within the organization for the public or private sector  In order to understand what a futurist is and their history within an organization one must understand what futuring entails.  Steven Millett defined featuring as an “applied history, (2011).  Millett wrote that featuring is heavily based on facts, evidence, solid research, and sound logic of science instead of science fiction (2011).  Millett further explains the term as
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What Is A Transcultural Leader?

Transcultural leaders seek to understand culture and are aware of their own cultural backgrounds. I’ve always had an affinity for being exposed to other cultures, wanting to learn the reason, method and conception behind international cultural practices.  Personally and professionally I’ve had the privilege of being apart of the Mexican culture.  In 2005, I studied abroad at one of the top university systems in the country and studied at El

Literature Review of Leadership in Global Organizations

In the article, “Towards Increasing Business Students' Confidence in Facing an Ethically Confusing Business Environment: A Strategic Management Approach,” by Susan J. Fox-Wolfgramm, the author examines the personal and professional ethics and values of present-day business students.  She begins by writing the perceptions of fifty graduating university-level business students as it relates to the current business environment and gaining employment in the global workforce.  She reported that the answers ranged

The Unique Characteristics of a Leader

One of the primary unique components in a person’s genetic makeup is their personality.  Have you ever heard someone say, “she has an outstanding personality” or “he has such an outgoing personality?”  Many people fail to look at personality overall when considering characteristics that global leaders should have.  Characteristics are some of the qualities that form an individual’s personality.  A leader’s personality has a great deal of influence on his