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Out With the Old! (Christmas Recap & 2017 Review)

GOOD MORNING, FAM!  Muuuuuuuuuah! 😘😙 I hope and pray that you all have been enjoying this time of rest, relaxation, gift-giving and and receiving over the past few days.  In this post, I'm going to do a recap of my Christmas in China and finish up with a review of last year (2017). Last month, I was very sad about not spending the holidays with my loved ones in the
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Oh, hey, Adam! 👋🏽

Earlier this summer I published a book called, Letting Adam Sleep.  It is my own personal story about my journey to living, love and learning to let go in order to thrive in the life that God created for me.  In the book, I explain my reason for titling it as letting Adam sleep.  A few years ago God began to deal with me about rushing the process of love. When