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My Parents Were Here! | OM’s Debut

Good afternooooon!!! 😄

I hope that everyone has had a very productive week. It is Saturday afternoon here in the beautiful city of Hangzhou!  I finally arrived safely from Hong Kong and settled into my home. While I was away on business taking care of my visa, I had the opportunity to edit the vlog from last week’s Thanksgiving video when OM and I picked up my parents from the airport. I don’t know if you remember this from the 1st vlog about our date, but OM has been trying to be in my videos since the very beginning of our courtship.

NOTE: I can be a little stingy with my spotlight on my channel, however, love will make you want to share.   Since Andy Warhol believed that in the future, everyone would have their 15 minutes of fame, I decided that I would give OM 16 since I not only love him but I like him. I will let you all be the judge of how well (or not) we are together.

#Warning: I have a terrible attitude in this video and I apologize in advance to all of my viewers especially my social media fam.  And yes, I did apologize to OM for being such a petty brat that day. 😧 #Pray4MeSaints

Enjoy the video and leave your comments below!

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