Earlier this summer I published a book called, Letting Adam Sleep

It is my own personal story about my journey to living, love and learning to let go in order to thrive in the life that God created for me.  In the book, I explain my reason for titling it as letting Adam sleep.  A few years ago God began to deal with me about rushing the process of love. When Eve met Adam, it after God had caused him to fall into a deep sleep for a dedicated period of time.  While Adam slept, God reached inside of him, pulled out a rib and fashioned it into the perfect woman for him.

His sleep cycle was necessary because it was during this time that Eve was created and developed so that when Adam opened his eyes, he’d awaken to the women of his destiny.  The book doesn’t go past the garden of Eden because I wanted to focus solely on their relationship as euphoric as it was before the fall.  At some point in the book, I talk my Adam and was sure to not give him a specific name, nationality, religion, age, height, etc.  My Adam simply had the heart of God and the capacity to love His creation, me.  

As a result of following this blog and my YouTube channel, many of you know that I moved to China in August of this year.  It has been quite a journey since I arrived.  I experienced some of the toughest times that I have ever experienced abroad.  

And then things began to get better.

The unexpected happened.  I met a man on the metro in September of this year.  September 28th to be exact.  Even from our very first encounter – not even the first date! – I realize that this man has been one of God’s greatest examples of His unconditional love for me.  

It’s interesting when you reflect and consider how quickly time passes.  I arrived in Greensboro, NC, USA on July 31st, 2003 to move in early with many other Freshmen.  We were geeked about leaving our parents’ homes and being “out on our own” for a change.  We had survived high school and graduated to bigger and better things like COLLEGE.  I would love to tell you about all of the relationships – both unrequited and reciprocal – that I experienced from that day until now, however, this blog post isn’t about that.  

If you count all the years, the number will equate to a little over 14 years of being in the 336 area prior to moving to China.  After being here for 7 weeks, I met Adam.  It didn’t happen in America.  It wasn’t an African (like I thought it would be).  What’s even crazier is that he came to China 7 years ago from Charlotte, NC, USA, which is about 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes (depending on traffic and who’s driving)!  Talk about interesting!  However, I almost didn’t recognize him because of thinking about what people all the way across the world would think.

Would they care that he’s older?

What would they say about him being 2 inches shorter than I am?

What would they say about him being divorced?

What would they say about us meeting so soon and the connection and chemistry that we have?

Would he fit into my circle?

Would my church family like him?

One day, after praying and asking God for confirmation if he was MY Adam, God had the opportunity to reveal something to me.  He showed me that all the people, places and things that I was so concerned about, were not concerned about me.  THIS WAS A GOOD THING.  I realized that they have nothing to do with this current process that God is developing me in.  They were essential to my past and development for the woman who I have become.  He took me away from influences that would cause me to miss out on HIS best for me so I could hear HIS voice instead of the voice of those who believe they know what’s best for Old Charity.

I am quite moved at the moment.  It’s uncommon for “Controlling Charity” to have allowed God to bring me out of my comfort zone into the unknown, away from influences – family, friends and followers alike – who all know me, love me and wish the best for me.  I’m a relational being.

Always have been.  I love to keep up with people and check in on them to make sure that they’re still “keeping hope alive” so this separation hurt me for some time.

And then I understood.

God brought me all the way to China so that I would be in the position to do just that – receive His best for me.  It seriously drives me to tears when I think about the love that God not only created, but had waiting for me.  But, you see, I couldn’t just receive this love;  I had to mature for this kind of love.  And as a result my life is forever changed.

I’m a living, breathing, loving testimony that God will give you the desires of your heart – especially when you’ve been faithful and loyal to the kingdom.  It may have taken His redirecting my footsteps to journey to the unknown to finally be introduced to Adam, but I am SO grateful that He did. 💋


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